Live Prayer Mothers Day | May 10th 2020 | 6pm - 9pm CDT

Upload Your Cry

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Use this tool to upload a video of you crying out. If you want to be identified then face the camera towards you. If you want to remain anonymous then face the camera toward your bible or a blank area and we will only use your audio. This will be shown with the LIVE prayer call in the last 30 min.


Please keep the video recording length to less than 60 seconds. Videos larger than this may not upload properly. By participating in this video recording you are consenting to its use in all ways without compensation. You must give your consent by checking the box below.

  1. Record a 1 min video (or audio) on your cell phone or web camera.
  2. Click “Select Files” (supported file types .mov, .mp4, .mp3, .m4v, .mp4)
  3. Select Your Supported File
  4. Fill out the required form fields. (And optional fields if you wish)
  5. Confirm you are NOT a robot. 🙂
  6. Click “Upload Files”
  7. Wait for confirmation the file upload is completed.
  8. Watch the last 30 min of the livestream to see and hear the compiled cries of mothers for their unborn children.